Contacts and Team Info

Club Contacts

501st Legion:  SWCC Planning Team —
Rebel Legion:  Rebel Legion Celebration Team —
Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club:  Tom Hutchens —
The Dark Empire:  Michael Stanton —
Droid Builders:  Steele Smith —
Saber Guild:  Robb Yanagihara —
Galactic Academy:  Kristy Anderson —

Work Teams and Committees (All Clubs)

Local 501st Legion Contact: Raymond Bosques MWG CO
Bash and Banquet: Amber Martin Sotelo
In Memoriam for Banquet: Briana Peterson
Swag Trade Event:  Adam Petersen, Lesley Farquhar
Merch Team:  Corey Applegate, Adam Petersen, Michael Stanton, Gordon Gravelese, 501st Merch Team (Steph, James, Jeremy), Lesley Farquhar, Scott Will, TJ Wonogas, Brett Schonwald, Tasha Ruth
Droid Hunt:  Lesley Farquhar
Blockade Runner:  Bill Holmes
Blast-A-Trooper:  TBD
Trooper Olympics:  TBD
Volunteer Coordinator:  Kent Heath
Budget and Finances:  Heather Van Wyk Dickinson, Lesley Farquhar, Jeff Storch
Communications Team:  Lesley Farquhar, Brad Hartsock, All Club Leads
ReedPop / Exhibit Liaison:  Blair Douglas

Club Leads

Bryon Mesarch (501st)
Bill Holmes (RL)
Tom Hutchens (MMCC)
Steele Smith (Droid Builders)
Michael Stanton (Dark Empire)
Robb Yanagihara (Sabre Guild)
Kristy Anderson (Galactic Academy)