Welcome Members, Troopers, Technicians, Rebels, and Vod …

Here you shall find your source of everything you need, other than yourselves, to help experience Celebration Chicago to the fullest.  Information, schedules, tickets, swag, and more! 

If you didn’t receive your confirmation in email, there’s a high chance it went to your junk or spam folder. Those folders typically auto delete emails marked as spam after 30 days in your email program. It would have read “The Clubs at Celebration” in the subject line.

If you received your Paypal confirmation, that is sufficient to pick up your ticket/merch.

If you have purchased a ticket to either the Bash or Banquet, or any of the merchandise from the site (puzzle patches, cards, GS Coins, or the multi-club patch set), these can be picked up at the following times and locations**. Please note that picking up event tickets BEFORE the event day is preferable to avoid long lines at the event.

Wednesday – at the Hyatt Regency at McCormick from 2-5pm (outside the Regency Ballroom, 2nd floor)
Thursday – at the show — at the Droid Hunt table in the multi-club exhibit from 1pm to 4pm
Friday – Droid Hunt table at the multi-club exhibit booth from 1pm to 5pm
Saturday – 501st Legion table at the multi-club exhibit booth from 10 am to 12:00 noon.
Sunday – 501st Legion table at the multi-club exhibit booth from 1pm to show close.


***If you are picking up BASH or Banquet tickets on site at the event, you will have to pick up merchandise purchased at another time or day. The Events team will not bring merch to these events.